Lancashire man trapped below car wheels

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Author Barry Durham lived to write another day after he was crushed under the wheels of his own car.

The former Evening Post journalist’s life was saved by his son Paul, his postman and a passing window cleaner when the vehicle rolled back on a sloping driveway, trapping him by the chest.

“Thank God they were all there when it happened, otherwise I’d have been a goner,” said Barry, 67, who had to be airlifted to hospital.

“It was my fault, I forgot to put the handbrake on when I was getting stuff out of the boot.

“Hopefully this will serve as a warning to others. Always make sure the brake is on - I know I will in future.”

Barry spent four days in Royal Preston Hospital, but miraculously he escaped without a single broken bone.

“I’ve been lucky, very lucky,” he added after returning home to Kirklands, Chipping. “I’m sore all over and it will take about six weeks for everything to heal. But it could have been a heck of a lot worse.”

Barry had just returned from taking two of his grandsons to a Christmas party and, in his haste to help one of the youngsters out of the car, forgot to apply the brake.

Once the boys were inside the house he was taking things out of the boot when the car started to roll back. In an attempt to get out of the way he slipped and fell under the rear wheels.

“I ended up with one of the wheels on my chest, pinning me to the floor,” explained Barry. “Fortunately my elder son Paul was there and he managed to stop the car rolling even further.

“I was shouting: ‘Get the car off me.’ The window cleaner jumped out of his van and the postman came running up. Between the three of them they managed to push the car forward and pull me out.

“A lady across the road came out with blankets and a lot of other people helped too. I’m incredibly grateful to them all.”

Barry was taken to hospital on a spinal board by air ambulance where scans showed only soft tissue injuries.

Barry, who writes supernatural crime thrillers and children’s books like Figaro The Cat Detective, has had to put his latest novel on hold until his injuries heal.