Ladylike lingerie is a luxury

Gold silk chemise �196'Lucile Lingerie
Gold silk chemise �196'Lucile Lingerie
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Downton Abbey’s huge Sunday night success has seen a surge in sales for a luxury lingerie brand mentioned in the series.

Talk by the ladies of the house of the purveyor of delicate, silky underthings, Lucile, has seen sales rocket by 48 per cent as 21st century gals wish to emulate the 1920s bright young things. And the sales have risen in spite of the lingerie prices being in the hundreds rather than tens of pounds.

Long georgette gown �695'Lucile Lingerie

Long georgette gown �695'Lucile Lingerie

A beautiful night gown is an eye watering £715.

Marks and Spencer this is not.

The brand was first founded in 1890 by a survivor of the Titanic, Lady Duff Gordon, and caused scandal at the time for keeping the shapes loose and sensuous rather than corseted in whalebones.

It has been revived by Camilla Blois, Lady Duff Gordon’s great great granddaughter and is in its first season of selling the range of delicate, hand finished lingerie all made in the UK.

Bed jacket �180'Lucile Lingerie

Bed jacket �180'Lucile Lingerie

Lady Duff Gordon created revolutionary designs in a world that was famous for couture brands. Opening boutique stores in New York, Paris, Chicago, and the most famous flagship ‘Masion Lucile’ in Hanover Square, London, she made her mark in the fashion world by designing scandalous lingerie that was free from clinging corsets and wired underskirts. Lucile lingerie quickly became popular with royalty, nobility, and film stars including the Queen of Spain, Lily Elsie, and the Duchess of Warwick, all of whom flocked to visit her famous boutiques.

An ‘It Girl’ of the Belle Époque era, her designs challenged and changed both the fashion industry and women’s perception of how they should look and feel. The female form was the inspiration behind each garment, draping beautiful fabrics to create feminine silhouettes.

Camilla Blois’ new range has reinvented the brand in its former glory. Today it strives to evoke a feeling of embracing romance and sensuality.

The brand’s passion lies in the belief that beautiful lingerie, from delicate fabric to sensual shape, makes women glow with a confident radiance.

Lucile’s British heritage is the very core of the brand, with every item hand made in England. Trimmed with signature bows, luxurious laces and silks, each bra is put through a vigorous fit process to ensure the highest quality in style and shape.

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