Ken’s lucky win boosts St Catherine’s Hospice

Ken Gould with his winning scratch card at St Catherine's Hospice
Ken Gould with his winning scratch card at St Catherine's Hospice
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A cancer fighter receiving care and support from St Catherine’s Hospice scooped nine prizes out of nine on a lottery scratch card – and decided to donate the £100 prize to the hospice.

Ken Gould bought the ticket from the Co-op in Berry Lane, Longridge, and couldn’t believe his eyes when he began revealing prize after prize.

The £250,000 Celebration scratch card gives players nine chances to win – and Ken picked up a cash prize in each one.

According to Camelot the odds of winning £100 in the way Ken did – revealing eight £10s and one £20 – were 5,985 to one.

Now Ken, who has prostate cancer and visits the hospice each week for day therapy, has decided to donate the proceeds to St Catherine’s, to kick start their 30th anniversary Give A Gift campaign.

Ken, from Longridge, said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I kept scratching away to reveal more prizes!

“I had to double and triple check I was right, and ask other people to take a look too.

“I do buy the odd scratch card now and again but I’ve never won more than a tenner.

“When I was in the shop I saw this one in the bottom corner and something just told me to ask for that one.

“I want to donate the money to St Catherine’s because they do such great work.

“I come each Thursday and I really enjoy being with other people, having some banter between us. It keeps your mind off other things. Never mind winning a scratch card, I feel lucky to come here.”

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