Katy’s parents in Downing Street visit

Meeting: Paula and David
Meeting: Paula and David
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The parents of brain tumour victim Katy Holmes touched the heart of the Prime Minister’s health adviser Paul Bate during their visit to Downing Street.

Paula and David Holmes, of Margaret Road, Penwortham, were invited to meet with Number 10’s health policy adviser after writing to David Cameron about their fight for more to be done to research the cause of paediatric brain tumours.

Paula revealed that the meeting was very successful and that Mr Bate was very sympathetic to their plight and even became quite teary during their meeting.

Paula said: “Paul Bate was really lovely and was so easy to talk to and really listened to all our arguments and agreed that we made some very valid points.

“We took a photograph of Katy with us and put it on the table so it was as if Katy was looking at him all the way through.

“Mr Bate became quite tearful when I was talking and he was very kind as when I became emotional, he offered me a glass of water.

“His role is to advise the Prime Minister so although he did not have any answers for us, he promised to get the answers we wanted from the relevant people.

“Myself and David asked why when brain tumours were now the biggest killers of children was more not being done to fund research and why was it falling to grieving families to carry out the fundraising needed for it.

“We also asked why the Government was not looking into alternative treatments to radiotherapy which does not work for all children with brain tumours and asked why families were being forced to seek treatment abroad.

“Mr Bate promised to talk to David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the appropriate bodies and we feel confident he is not fobbing us off and will come back to us.

“He was a really nice man and we found the meeting very encouraging.”

Paula and David Holmes wrote a letter to David Cameron earlier this year and received a handwritten reply from him sharing his own pain at losing a child.