Jon and the peculiar art of Navel Gazing!

Playing football certainly kept David Beckham in trim
Playing football certainly kept David Beckham in trim
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PALMS, tarots cards and crystal balls have all been used in the past to gaze into the future.

But one man coming to Preston this month will perform gazing of a different kind - Navel Gazing.

Psychic Belly Button man'Jonathan Royle

Psychic Belly Button man'Jonathan Royle

Audiences at the The Korova Arts & Cafe Bar in the city centre will witness Jonathan Royle staring, and even poking, into belly buttons to read into that person’s future as part of his 75 minute show.

Jonathan, from Rochdale, started to use the “gimmick” at psychic fairs to encourage people to approach his stall.

He said: “I was doing psychic fairs when I was 14 and I read a book on the Native American Indians and shamanism, which is their spiritual belief system, and one of the things amongst that was the mention of the seven energy points in the body or chakras. One of them is almost in line with the belly button called the base chakra and it occurred to me, having read books in the past, that the closer you can get to an energy the more you can feel.

“And out of all the energy points they mention, the one that you could ‘plug into’ was of course the belly button.”

The entertainer, who last year gave psychic belly button readings to Christine Hamilton and Lembit Opik on ITV’s This Morning and also appeared on Channel 5’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, returns to Preston for the first time in 20 years, to present his mind reading and mental magic show, Egg Sausage & Peas.

During the course of the show on March 15, Jonathan will read audience members’ minds, turn spectators into mind readers and even attempt the world’s most random and truly dangerous version of ‘Psychic Russian Roulette’.

He said: “It’s not an exact science.

“In person is easier than pictures, people will not always admit to what you tell them but bizarrely when I’ve been on live TV shows, the readings have been more accurate than not.

“Back in 1997 I met the Spice Girls and did a reading for them and I stuck my finger in their belly buttons, just before they became mega famous. Everything I predicted was correct. I said that Geri would be the first person to leave the band, I predicted that Victoria Beckham would get involved with a footballer and that Melanie B would get involved with a comedian.

“People say it’s random because your belly button all depends on the way your umbilical cord is cut but who’s to say it doesn’t get cut in a pre-destined way?”