Janine’s very own photo shop

Photographer: Janine Greenwood
Photographer: Janine Greenwood
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“We do have a lot of little accidents but that’s all part and parcel of the job.”

Baby photographer Janine Greenwood, never intended to be a snapper.

The 32-year-old married mum-of-three always wanted to be a midwife and even returned to college to study for the profession.

But life took her down a different path – and introduced newborns to her in a different way.

From her living room at Bowerham Road, Lancaster, Janine has created Lily Eugenia photography and is building up quite a reputation, despite never having any formal training.

“I started about four years ago playing around on Photoshop with images I’d taken of my own children,” says Janine.

“A friend of mine was doing the same and said why didn’t I give it a go as a job.”

Having had no proper training Janine started shooting free sessions to build up her portfolio and set up a page on social networking site, Facebook.

Parents soon started to pass on recommendations and the business, named after her nanna (her favourite flower and her middle name – pronounce – Eu-gen-ay), just grew and grew.

Now, Janine concentrates mainly on taking photos of newborns.

She said: “I did start out with children of any age but because of the limited space it was just easier to keep it to just babies – they take up a little less room.

“The photographs are very different to what you normally see, there are loads of photographers who do the same sort of images in America but not really any in and around Lancashire.”

The babies that Janine works with are the very newest of new with some only a few days old with each session lasting around three hours.

“The best stage is between 0-12 days old, I do photograph some up to four weeks old but it gets a little difficult as they get a little more alert. As long as I have the place really warm and they have bellies full of milk it’s just a case of soothing them and getting them to sleep,” says Janine.

All of Janine’s training has been self-taught by utilising the internet as her guide and though she is in the process of finding a studio to work from, doubts anywhere could give her the natural light she needs as well as her front room.

“There is a group full of photographers on Facebook so we all share tips and suppliers or if any of us ask a questions we can help.

“I’m still learning – you learn new stuff every day.

“I don’t know what I’d have done without Facebook!”