It’s the Prince George effect!

Traditional: Prince George
Traditional: Prince George
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Parents are turning to the royals for inspiration

Prestonian parents are breaking tradition and bucking the national trend by picking unusual names for baby girls.

The top baby names in Preston, Lancaster and Fylde postcodes for 2014 were Olivia and Oliver.

Oliver was the top name for baby boys for the second year running, whilst Olivia knocked Amelia off the top spot.

But Lisa Penney, of Bounty Parenting Club, revealed the Prestonian top 10 and the popularity of names such as Mia and Scarlett differ from the rest of the UK.

She said: “This year our records show that Mia and Scarlett are among the names given to baby girls in Lancashire and Preston that are bucking the 
rest of the UK’s baby name trends.

“Today’s baby trends change quickly and names that first seem unusual can quickly become common in the classroom.

“Just a few years ago Mia and Scarlett were relatively unheard of, yet this year they are both in the top 10.”

But for the boys the ‘Prince George effect’ seems to be making its mark as the name of Prince William and Princess Kate’s son – and heir to the British throne – has leapt from 17th place in 2013 to ninth in this year’s standing.

Despite the rise in ‘unusual’ names – like Scarlett – Lisa revealed parents in Preston prefer to stick to tradition like the Royals when it comes to naming their newborn boys.

She said: “For the boys it’s Thomas and Joseph that are proving more popular with new parents, compared to the rest of the UK.

“In Preston, for baby boys, parents seem more comfortable sticking with traditional names.”

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Top boys names in the LA, PR, FY Postcode Areas for 2014

Name 2014 2013 Movement Movement By

OLIVER 1 1 = 0

JACK 2 2 = 0

JACOB 3 6 Up 3

HARRY 4 3 Down -1

CHARLIE 5 4 Down -1

NOAH 6 16 Up 10

THOMAS 7 11 Up 4

ALFIE 8 5 Down -3

GEORGE 9 17 Up 8

JOSEPH 10 18 Up 8

Top girls names in the LA, PR, FY Postcode Areas for 2014

Name 2014 2013 Movement Movement By

OLIVIA 1 3 Up 2

EMILY 2 2 = 0

AMELIA 3 1 Down -2

MIA 4 8 Up 4

ISLA 5 7 Up 2

AVA 6 10 Up 4

POPPY 7 4 Down -3

LILY 8 5 Down -3

SOPHIA 9 35 Up 26

SCARLETT 10 11 Up 1