In an octopus’s garden in the shade

Octopus Hideout
Octopus Hideout
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Some of the marine world’s most intelligent creatures are set to take centre stage at Blackpool Sea Life Centre.

The attraction has announced a new £100,000 feature exhibition, Octopus Hideout, starring half a dozen different species of octopus and their cuttlefish cousins.



Pride of place will be given to perhaps the brainiest of them all…the Giant Pacific Octopus, which weighs in at more than15 kgs and has an arm-span of four metres-plus.

displays supervisor Scott Blacker said: “We will also have a common octopus, however, the same species as Paul the psychic octopus from Oberhausen Sea Life in Germany who achieved global fame with his eight correct World Cup predictions.”

Octopus Hideout will also house the jet-propelled, gas-fuelled prehistoric cephalopods ‘nautilus’ which are essentially an octopus inside a spiral shell. They lend whole new meaning to the term ‘wind power,’ as they use their own bodily gases to move in the water column.

Scott added: “The incredible cuttlefish which can change colour to give itself the perfect camouflage against any background will be another in the line up. There will also be giant puzzles for visitors to test their own wits against the renowned intellect of the octopus.”

Since octopuses are so adept at camouflage, the centre will be introducing a new technological innovation later in the year, called Octovision. Screens alongside the displays will relay pictures from heat-sensitive cameras in the tanks, to show where the octopus is, even when almost invisible to the naked eye.

Scott said: “This is going to be our most amazing feature exhibition yet.”.