Improvements to Chorley park in future strategy plan

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An ambitious plan to deliver visible improvements in the borough and prepare for the future will be the focus of Chorley Council’s plans for the next 12 months after councillors agreed a new corporate strategy.

Highlights from the plan include delivering a new play area for Astley Park, improvements to the town centre and Market Street, highlighting Chorley as a great place to visit, stay and invest and projects that will benefit residents across the whole borough.

Coun Peter Wilson, deputy leader of Chorley Council, said: “Over the last 12 months there has been a noticeable difference with people really starting to see things happening in Chorley.

“Lots of people have commented upon the changes they’re seeing and they appreciate the investment in a time when many other local authorities are cutting or simply maintaining what they have.

“We have an exciting plan that’s going to make a real difference to residents, young and old, no matter which part of the borough you live in.

“It’s an exciting time whether you’re a resident wanting more things to happen in your area, if you’re someone looking for a home here or a person looking for employment in Chorley.”

The main vision for this three-year plan remains the same: ‘an ambitious council that achieves more by listening to the whole community and exceeding their needs’.

The four key priorities also remain consistent: Involving residents in improving their local area and equality of access for all; clean, safe and healthy communities; a strong local economy; an ambitious council that does more to meet the needs of residents and the local area.

Coun Wilson said: “In this strategy we’re not just thinking of now, it includes several projects that are about dealing with the inevitable change in public service delivery in the coming years and part of that is looking at things like the council taking on all services in Chorley.

“What we are planning to do over the next year will make a real difference to residents across the borough in both towns and villages, and I think it’s important we support everybody in Chorley.”