Immigration argument rumbles on for newlywed

David and Nancy Treasure in Fuerteventura
David and Nancy Treasure in Fuerteventura
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A newlywed is still stuck abroad - seven weeks after an immigration wrangle began.

David Treasure of Mossbrook Drive, Cottam, has been forced to leave 65-year-old wife Nancy alone in Fueteventura as he battles with the Home Office to gain her permanent approval to stay in the UK as a spouse.

Thanks to an immigration wrangle, Mrs Treasure - who is American - was told she would be deported if she came back with her husband.

Despite originally leaving the UK on April 25 to make an application from abroad as advised, the couple are still no closer to resolving the matter and admit they are “on the verge of going insane” with the process.

To compound their misery, now the couple say they are “back to square one” after a letter last week from the Home Office incorrectly claimed Mrs Treasure was still in the UK and was outstaying her welcome.

Mr Treasure, 62, a former company director, said: “We’re waiting for the Home Office departments to start singing from the same hymn sheet. The Home Office told us to start again as they obviously don’t communicate with one another and seemed to have no record of us submitting our travel documents and no idea that we had left the UK on 25th April.”

The couple married in Preston on April 7, just days after Mrs Treasure’s six-month visitor visa expired.

Immigration officials allowed them to stay for the ceremony, but said in order for her to live in the UK as a spouse, Mrs Treasure would need to leave the country and hand immigration documents into a British Consulate abroad.

Mr Treasure insists they were told by Home Office officials and a solicitor they could go to Fuerteventura, but on attending the nearest British Consulate in Gran Canaria, they were told this was incorrect, leaving Mrs Treasure stuck abroad.

Mr Treasure added: “Nancy’s in a hell of a state. She’s on her own with no-one to speak to. It’s an awful start to a marriage for us and it’s costing us a fortune to have her still out there, with rent, living expenses and extra flights.

“It’s left a very nasty impression of the UK with her.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “This letter was sent in error by our contractors, and we will be writing to Mr. and Mrs. Treasure to apologise.”

The Home Office said it does not provide specific advice on individual visa applications but advises people to check guidance online.