I drink therefore I am

Billy Maxwell, Philosophy in Pubs, Preston
Billy Maxwell, Philosophy in Pubs, Preston
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There’s one in every pub - the philospher at the bar, whiling away a pint or two sharing his thoughts with the world.

You name the topic, from existentialism to the off-side rule, this fountain of knowledge is a firm fixture in every British watering hole.

Now a group of thinkers have set up a group, Philosophy in Pubs (PIP), to bring philosophical thinking to comfort of their favourite boozer.

The group is open to everyone, regardless of formal qualifications or academic knowledge with “an open mind and a love of philosophic discussion.”

And the first topic up for discussion is the Preston Guild and its relevance in the modern day.

Local organiser Billy Maxwell, 47, from Longridge, said; “I want more from a trip to the pub than loud music and a fleeting conversation about something instantly forgettable.

“Having been to PIP groups in Liverpool I found them fascinating and enjoyable so I thought there should be one in Preston.

“Several other people supported setting something up and running so we are now launching a regular group.”

PIP will meet on the third Wednesday of every month with future discussions including - what is art, resistance, belief and why the fascination with celebrities?

Billy said; “There are people from all walks of life, from students to middle aged people and retired people.

“People feel more comfortable in the pub quenching their thirst for knowledge and their thirst for a good pint.”

The group will hold its first meeting at Harleys In Mount Street, Preston, tonight at 7pm.

Billy, who has five GCSEs, said: “I am not academic at all but you don’t need to have a bunch of letters after your name to think about things like why we are here, what is he universe made of or why do we understand reality?

“These are things people who were sitting on piles of hot rocks contemplating, thousands of years ago.”