Hunt is on for Doctor Who family in Preston

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A playwright is on the hunt for a Preston family who invited Doctor Who star Tom Baker into their home to watch an episode of the cult sci-fi series.

The star arrived at their front door on November 13, 1976, as he was travelling back from a fan convention in Blackpool.

He could not wait until his return to London to see the latest episode and so found himself sitting alongside a stunned family as they watched him on screen.

Now, Scottish writer Simon Farquhar is researching the incident for a new production he is penning for the BBC, titled Teatime with Tom Baker, and is asking for the help of Evening Post readers.

Mr Farquhar, 36, said: "It was such a crazy incident.

"What intrigues me is it is from an age where Doctor Who can just turn up at your door like that. Fingers crossed, the family in question will turn up."

Tom Baker – who recently found fame again narrating comedy Little Britain – has spoken about the incident in an article printed in a national newspaper in 1997.

The actor described how he had desperately tried to find a TV to watch the episode, as he was nervous about a scene where he appeared afraid of death. He thought it could disturb younger children.

On his way back from a Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool, he knocked on the door of a family home in a Preston suburb and asked if he could watch the show in the house.

He was invited in and sat in a chair next to two young boys.

The star told the newspaper: "Their amazement was, well, amazing.

"They were utterly gobsmacked. They couldn't grasp how I could be in two places at once.

"And, to their dad's delight, they couldn't believe that Doctor Who was in their house."

Mr Farquhar added: "I think the parents wrote to the BBC asking for proof as the kids were being accused of lying at school.

"So Tom went and visited them and was photographed with them."

E-mail or call 01772 838185 if you know where this family is or can help the playwright with his research.

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