Hunt for bird... blown away by wind

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The owner of a rare parrot is desperately trying to track him down - after he was blown away by the wind.

Chuck, an Illeger’s Macaw, was being carried by Jonathan Martin, 24, on the way to a friend’s house when he was hit by a strong gust.

The feathered pet was then carried away by the wind and Jonathan, of Rishton, Lancs, hasn’t seen him since.

Jonathan said: ‘’He tried to come back but a gust of wind took him. He doesn’t normally fly but the wind took him about 10 metres.

“Most of the time he just stands on my shoulder. Last summer I even had him in my garden with me when we were having a barbecue.

“He’s quite lazy and would only usually fly if he wasn’t being picked up. He normally just does little bunny hops. This time though he panicked and just kept flying.”

Chuck was last seen on February 5 between 3.30pm and 4pm on the Conservative Club roof in the village.

Jonathan said: “He is really tame and would probably climb on anyone’s hands if they approached him slowly.

“He loves sweets, which is naughty as he isn’t meant to have them, but I sneak him one every now and again as a treat.”

Jonathan believes the five-year-old parrot, who is green with blue wings and a maroon tail, doesn’t like to fly often, could be in a garden waiting to be found.

He said: ‘’I’m worried someone might sell him because he’s a rare bird. He’s an endangered species which means you need special paperwork to own him.

“Hopefully that will mean that if someone did try to sell him that they would notice the missing paperwork and tell authorities.

“All it takes is for someone to have seen him or to notice somebody who has just gotten a parrot out of the blue.”

Jonathan said he has been left devastated - and his other parrot, African Grey Dexi, has also been left upset.

He said: “He is like my son and I am missing him so much I can’t even put it into words.

“I’m completely lost and don’t know what to do with myself. It’s just don’t feel right without him, and is so quiet.

“He normally says ‘ello’ as I enter my room but now I get no reply when I go in.

“Chuck is a really friendly character and is so playful. Dexi is quite calm and likes a cuddle. But Chuck always wants to play. He’ll even roll over so you can tickle his belly.

“I’m just gutted. I looked at his wings the other day and thought they had gotten long. I remember thinking I’ll get them clipped shorter when Dexi’s have grown too.”