Hungry birds need help in Summer too

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While most bird-lovers would think our feathered friends only need help during the Winter months, the RSPB is urging people to put out food during the Summer too.

While many are currently trying to find food to feed hungry chicks, cool and wet conditions such as those experienced in many parts of the UK recently, have made it very difficult for birds to find their staple insect food and in particular caterpillars.

Richard James, a wildlife advisor at the RSPB said “Birds need to find food for their young brood quickly and don’t want to be away from them for too long, so having a supply of seeds, mealworms and suitable kitchen leftovers can really help them out.”

And the charity is also asking gardeners to plant insect friendly flowers too, so butterflies, bees and other insects can thrive as well as leaving out tinned dog or cat food, crushed biscuits or specialist hedgehog food for hedgehogs.