Huge rise in Preston residents seeking advice over carbon monoxide following death

SAFETY: Ron Law have safety awareness trucks highligting carbon monoxide issues
SAFETY: Ron Law have safety awareness trucks highligting carbon monoxide issues
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The number of people checking their homes for carbon monoxide(CO) has risen following a death in Preston.

That’s according to John Moriarty, a CO awareness coordinator, who says people are “scared for their families”.

It comes after a 78-year-old man died and four others put in hospital, including North West Ambulance staff, after a carbon monoxide leak at a property on Brixton Road.

And Mr Moriarty says his company has seen a huge rise in the amount of people fitting CO alarms and ringing up for advice on being safe in their homes.

He said: “Only this week I have installed CO alarms in other properties in Brixton Road. There’s also been a lot more people ringing us asking for our help and what they can do to make their home safer from the threat of carbon monoxide. Sadly people keep dying of gas leaks but we want to prevent as many as possible so please get in touch.”

Paramedics attended the man’s home last week and found the 78-year-old man unresponsive and another younger male inside the building near to the Moore Street crossing.

Ambulance crews left the property with the younger man after becoming unwell due to a suspected gas leak.

Lancashire Fire Service later confirmed it was a carbon monoxide leak and after making sure the property was safe, they re-entered to find the elderly man dead inside.

The crews and the second man were then taken by ambulance to Royal Preston Hospital to receive treatment.

Mr Moriarty, who works for Southport company Ron Law Central Heating Services Ltd, said: “The service is free and all you have to do is call us on 01704 566895 and we will come out and fit the alarm for you.”