How you can be part of the world’s biggest garden wildlife survey

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The countdown has begun for the world’s biggest garden wildlife survey.

And more people in Lancashire than ever before are being called upon to take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch on January 25-26. They are being asked to simply count the birds in their garden or local park for one hour over Big Garden Birdwatch weekend and tell the RSPB what they see.

But for the first time ever in the event’s 35-year history the RSPB wants to hear about the other creatures on view to create an even better picture of what is happening to our wildlife.

Jo Keene, RSPB people engagement manager in Northern England, said: “Whether this is the first time you’re taking part or you are an expert, it’s a great opportunity to appreciate the wildlife where you live. Not forgetting it’s a brilliant feeling to be part of the world’s biggest wildlife survey – without having to leave the sofa!

“Over half a million people took part last year, which is fantastic, helping to provide the RSPB with a vital snapshot of garden bird numbers in winter and highlight any dramatic declines. But this year we are calling for even more people to count the wildlife as UK nature is in trouble.

“It’s not just the birds which need our help; almost half our hedgehogs have disappeared in the last 25 years. So although we still want you to count our feathered friends during the hour, we also want to hear if you have ever seen other wildlife such as badgers, squirrels or frogs in your garden or local park.”

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