Hot news: Bilal gets his curry takeaway

Double Tree at Fulwood
Double Tree at Fulwood
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An award-winning Indian restaurant has won a four-year battle to open a takeaway after spending £15,000 trying to get permission.

When Bilal Mokpadir, boss of the upmarket Double Tree in Fulwood, finally opens a branch on Wednesday, it will be a case of third time lucky – even though it is two-and-a-half miles from his eatery.

Bilal has twice failed to get permission for a takeaway near his Garstang Road base.

“It’s been a real struggle. I’ve dished up thousands for plans and reports and got nothing in return,” he said as he looked forward to opening the doors of Double Tree Express in Blackpool Road.

“I estimate it has cost me £15,000 putting in the previous two applications and both were refused. Now I’ve bought a former chip shop which doesn’t need planning permission and we’re ready to open.”

The Double Tree restaurant, near to the Black Bull junction in Fulwood, has earned a sparkling reputation since it opened in 2011, winning silverware in the English Curry “Oscars.”

Business has become so brisk that Bilal has been trying to open a separate takeaway business for four years.

His first attempt, further down Garstang Road near to the Withy Trees, was knocked back by councillors on noise disturbance grounds.

Then, when he tried a similar application on Blackpool Road, the planning committee said there were already too many takeaways in the vicinity.