Honouring a football legend

The funeral of Sir Tom Finney Jimmy Armfield
The funeral of Sir Tom Finney Jimmy Armfield
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“I am just pleased to have been on the same planet as him.”

Those were the words of fellow footballing great Sir Jimmy Armfield as he described his friend Sir Tom Finney at his funeral at St John’s Minster, Preston today.

“In my opinion he is one of the real sporting icons to have come out of these islands. He is the classic tale of a local boy done good. Really good.”

Sir “He won the hearts of his team players, quite often the opponents and the supporters.

“He served the country during the war and he served it just as well on the football field.

“The people of Preston saw Tom Finney walking the streets of Preston and if you were lucky and needed a plumber he’d even come round and repair a leak for you.