Homes are leafleted after residents’ concern

Ignored: A 20mph speed limit sign on Fulwood Hall Lane
Ignored: A 20mph speed limit sign on Fulwood Hall Lane
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Drivers flouting 20mph speed limits in part of Preston where a young boy was hit by a car have been sent letters by police informing them of the new rules.

Residents in the Garrison ward of Fulwood, Preston, have complained to local beat officers about drivers flagrantly ignoring the new lower limit on several streets.

It comes after the Evening Post reported in August last year how eight-year-old Umar Patel was hit by a car on Fulwood Hall Lane, which has a 20mph limit.

The incident led to residents in the area complaining that the 20mph signs, which are being installed on residential roads across Lancashire in a £9.2m scheme, were being ignored.

Now police have sent leaflets about the new limits to every property in the affected areas in a bid to drive the message home. In addition, school pupils have been involved in a community speedwatch scheme and drivers caught going over the limit have been sent advisory notes by police.

PC Julian Andrews, of Fulwood Police, said officers are working in conjunction with County Hall and are currently reluctant move to the stage where drivers are being prosecuted for driving over the limits.

“The reason for that is we are still in the phase of educating people that 20 is the new 30,” he said. He added police will now work with the county council to see whether any extra signage or minor engineering works could help to get drivers to obey the new limit.

Coun Stuart Greenhalgh, who represents Garrison on Preston Council, said: “This is a long standing issue which has been raised several times and I know in particular that Fulwood Hall Lane has been mentioned.

“PC Julian Andrews has been down there with the handheld speed gun and I know letters have been delivered in the area with information about the 20mph area.”