Holidaymaker tells of “major panic”

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A HOLIDAYMAKER who returned home from Tunisia yesterday has spoken about the horror beach attack at Sousse.

Donna Slater was with a party of family and friends who were staying at the nearby Skanes resort.

Donna, 44, of Willow Grove, Hambleton, said: “We were just ten minutes away from it. We got messages from home saying what had happened.

“It’s just further up the beach.

“Everybody panicked. Nobody had the proper information.”

She added; “You realise what had happened when you get home. You realise how close you were to it and what happened. They could have got us, it’s just ten minutes up the beach.

“It was just unreal to be fair.

“There was panic, major panic.

“We were told there were three gunmen and one was on the loose.”

Donna, who is treasurer for Stalmine Gala, was staying at the Sahara Beach Hotel for a fortnight, with her son Regan Crooks, 10, and mother Audrey Slater. They booked the holiday through Thomas Cook.

She is a carer for her mother and son, as Audrey has leukaemia and Regan suffers from ADH.

“You just feel sorry for the people that still haven’t found families out there and that’s the most heartbreaking part of it,” said Donna.

However, she said she felt safe as a result of the security at her hotel.

“We were quite safe,

“The police were on the beach within twenty minutes of finding out.

“To be fair, you couldn’t have been any safer staying in the hotel, the security was absolutely unbelievable.

“Thomas Cook were absolutely fantastic. They worked twenty hour shifts to get people home on flights, because everybody just wanted to get home.”

She also praised the hotel “for the way they dealt with everything” and said: “If that had been my first week I would have stayed for the second.”