A hole lot of misery

'We've waited long enough!' Longridge residents are continuing their battle against Lancashire County Council over the '˜dangerous' pot holes peppered on the market town's main roads.

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 3:43 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 11:01 am
Longridge residents are furious with the state of repair of many of the town's main roads

Highways officials announced a fortnight ago work on some of the main routes affected, including Market Place and King Street, would be scheduled for April subject to an agreement at a Cabinet meeting later this month.

However, councillors and local campaigners say the work is needed ‘urgently’ after more than two years of waiting for repairs and improvements on the town’s heavy traffic routes.

Several residents have taken to social media to air their fury at the ‘shocking state’ of roads, with Market Place labelled as ‘dangerous.’

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Complaints have also been lodged about Green Lane, Chaigley Road, Willows Park Lane and Hacking Drive. Some have also blasted the results of the recent resurfacing work carried out on Lower Lane.

Campaigners say areas, where the road has been re-laid, is already breaking up and has not been sealed. Work is also currently underway in Berry Lane for ‘patch up’ repairs and will be closed intermittently for parking traffic until February 6.

Posting on the Facebook page Longridge Life Barbara Jackson said: “Chaigley Rd must be one of the worst in the village!”

Ann Lyons posted: “Market Place and King Street are an absolute disgrace. It is time they started doing a proper job. What a mess!”

Ribble Valley Councillor for Alston and Hothersall David Smith said he had now been in discussions with Lancashire County Council Highways for more than two years regarding improving the major roads.

He added: “Two years ago ahead of the Longridge Field Day we requested for the pot holes to be filled in Market Place for fear of the dangers to all the marchers (in the procession) The pot holes were absolutely horrendous.

“They did fill them up but within a few weeks, a month later they were back and residents left in the same situation.

“They haven’t been touched since, despite numerous discussions (with LCC), I was aware they had planned to do some work in April but it’s disappointing we’ve had to wait this long.

“These are very vulnerable roads in Longridge struggling with the heavy traffic.”Longridge Town Mayor Rupert Swarbrick said the Town Council had reported every complaint they had received from residents to LCC and added he was glad action was to be taken.

He said: “Longridge Town Council is delighted that LCC is coming to the town to fix the potholes.

“The matter of the poor condition of the roads comes up every month without fail at our meetings and every specific complaint to the TC is reported to LCC.

“Individuals can of course report potholes and other highway issues on https://www.fixmystreet.com”

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said Hacking Drive had now re-opened after resurfacing carried out by road engineers last week. The work on Berry Lane previously scheduled for the new financial year had been brought forward after additional funding had been found.

He added improvements in Market Place would go ahead as proposed in April.

In a statement sent to the Longridge News last month Dwayne Lowe, Lancashire County Council’s area highways manager for Ribble Valley, said: “We are aware of concerns over the road surface on Market Place and King Street and have included them on our proposed list for resurfacing in the new financial year.

“The decision on this list is due to be made by the Cabinet in February.”