Historic Preston clock to remain stuck

Clock not working on Fishergate Baptist Church
Clock not working on Fishergate Baptist Church
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Millions of pounds may have been spent revamping Preston’s Fishergate, but time stands still in a city centre church tower.

The iconic clock in the tower of the Fishergate Baptist Church still refuses to strike the hour or the minutes, only showing the correct time twice a day.

Clock on Fishergate Baptist Church

Clock on Fishergate Baptist Church

Local historian Keith Johnson said: “It is a pity that, despite the makeover of Fishergate, it seems the clock, paid for by public subscription in 1862, is destined to be stuck in time for eternity.

“At least the new Rolex-inspired clock on Whittles Jewellers is keeping us in time.

“It just puzzles me why we can’t get the clock ticking.

“To have such a magnificent church tower displaying a clock stuck in time seems a pity.

“Now that Fishergate has been revamped it would good to see the clock working again.”

Aidan Turner-Bishop, chairman of the Preston and South Ribble Civic Trust, said it was traditional for a clock not in use to be set to 12.00.

He said: “It’s a grade II listed building, they can’t find anyone to buy it.

“It is a problem with a lot of churches, hopefully they can keep things ticking over and someone will buy the premises.

“It would be great if there was some sort of charity or trust or volunteers who would just go up there and keep the clock running and keep it in working order.”

Coun John Swindells, deputy leader of Preston Council, said: “It’s a real challenge with lots of churches around.

“It is very difficult when the congregations are falling, so it is sadly a sign of the times.

“That church closed because of falling numbers, even the major churches are struggling to keep the uptake.

“It is a real feature on the street and sadly there doesn’t seem any immediate prospect of bringing that back into use.”