High praise for rescue team after Tiny became trapped down a rabbit hole in Haslam Park

Tiny the dog was rescued from Haslam Park
Tiny the dog was rescued from Haslam Park

The owners of a dog that sparked a rescue operation after becoming trapped underground in a Preston park have praised firefighters for their swift action.

Tiny, a 15-year-old Jack Russell, scampered down a rabbit hole in Haslam Park on Saturday afternoon but did no reappear.

Owner Alan Chelton, from Plungington, and son Joe called the fire service as the stranded canine was stuck within the foundations of a derelict farm building.

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Joe said: “She normally goes down rabbit holes and comes straight back up but we’d waited about 45 minutes are were getting really worried.

“The fire service were there straightaway. They were really good and worked so hard to get her out.”

A crew from Preston worked for an hour to excavate a hole near to the foundations large enough for Tiny to get out.

They were guided by the muffled barking sounds coming from underground from the elderly dog, with her advanced years perhaps contributing to her inability to find her own way out, Joe said.

Eventually, the officers broke through and spotted Tiny’s nose poking through part of the foundations.

Joe said: “I was amazed how good the firefighters were, they were taking it so seriously as soon as they arrived.”

Tiny had been underground for around three hours by the time she was reunited with her relieved owner. She has suffered no ill effects from the ordeal and was in bright spirits for the remainder of the weekend.

Joe added: “My dad has taken her out on a walk (on Sunday) but we’ve told him to keep her on the lead.”