Hero retires from army

DETERMINATION: Former Guardsman Dave Watson
DETERMINATION: Former Guardsman Dave Watson
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Injured war hero Dave Watson has spoken of his determination for the future after he was officially discharged from the army.

The 27-year-old lost both legs and his right arm in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Guardsman Dave was moments from death when he stepped on an improvised explosive device on foot patrol, and he has now formally retired.

But Dave, of Wordsworth Place, Walton-le-Dale, said he was now looking to the future, determined to achieve a place in the 2016 Paralympics.

He said: “I’ve been discharged. I was expecting it because I’m not fit to do my job, they can’t keep me on.

“I miss it because that’s what I wanted to do but, unfortunately, circumstances mean I had to go, so now they have retired me and I get my pension.

“But I can’t look back, I’ve got the future to look forward to.”

He said: “I’ll miss all the banter and all the lads, but I can always go back and see them. It’s all good, it’s all positive.”

Dave said he was continuing to do charity work for ABF the Soldiers’ Charity, and was going to keep training for the Paralympics.

He said: “I’m trying to get to Rio in the Paralympics, in discus and shot put. I’m not sure when I will find out if I’ve been successful, so it’s a case of working as hard as I can.”

Dave said he gave talks and took part in events for the charity, and said he was planning to abseil from Blackpool’s Big One roller coaster to raise money.

He said: “I’m not nervous. If I can jump out of a plane at 16,000 feet, I think I can do that.”

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