Here is how to enjoy gentle cancer-friendly therapies with Ribby Hall's SPA Hotel, in partnership with Wellness For Cancer

Having cancer can quite often give a restriction on what activities a patient can take on.

Friday, 28th June 2019, 11:07 am
Updated Friday, 28th June 2019, 12:07 pm

Having cancer can quite often give a restriction on what activities a patient can take on.

Even some spa treatments are forbidden, but Ribby Hall Village has been working with Wellness For Cancer to develop a range of gentle therapies which are suitable and recommended for patients.

The specially trained therapists can adapt almost any treatments to meet a client’s specific needs.

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Emma Nutter, SPA Hotel co-ordinator for the cancer care treatment enquires, said: “If someone rings or calls in, I can discuss where they are on their cancer journey.

“I also try to ensure I am on shift the day the clients are here so I can meet with them at the beginning of their visit and at the end of their visit.

“Our therapists who have been trained with Wellness for Cancer are able to accommodate every single treatment in our menu, so the client does not have to use a specific treatment which has been designed with The Christie Cancer Hospital.

“Therapists who are trained to Wellness For Cancer standard. We also have therapists who are only Christies trained and we are in the process of organising more training.

“The benefits to offering this is to ensure people are not made to feel like a cancer patient but treated as a client.”

Sam Lewis is one of Ribby Hall’s recent clients who has travelled from Widnes to experience a spa day.

The 44-year-year-old brought several of her friends and members of her charity Sam’s Diamonds, which she set up shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer six years ago.

The organisation offers support for women who want to keep control of their life and enjoy themselves.

Sam, who is in remission, said: “Each year we take our ladies away for the weekend and we thought it would be nice to have holistic therapies.

“We were treated like queens and every final detail was thought of.

“The difference between Ribby Hall and other spas is that the therapists are cancer trained. There are some treatments cancer patients can’t have, such as deep tissue massage to avoid spreading the cancer. I had a full back massage and it was amazing.

“It was very relaxing and we were very chilled throughout the day. We also enjoyed the jacuzzi and sauna and we had a coffee and the food was delicious. It was a chance for everyone to be themselves for the day, rather than putting up a front.

“We already want to come back again.”