HELP RADEK: Preston man’s £10,000 fundraising mission

Fundraising mission: Radek Anusiewic, 24, who is recovering from brain surgery
Fundraising mission: Radek Anusiewic, 24, who is recovering from brain surgery
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A 24-year-old recovering from his third brain tumour operation has been so overwhelmed by help from friends, he’s now made an emotional plea to raise £10,000 for charity.

Radek Anusiewic of New Hall Lane, Preston, has Von Hippel Lindau Synrdome, a rare genetic condition that causes tumours to regrow.

Due to life-saving surgery, the most recent carried out at the end of January, half of his face is paralysed, he is deaf in his left ear, he has two deep scars on his head and problems with vision. He also suffered nerve damage that has caused shaking and movement problems, so he relies on partner Phil Tingle for help eating, drinking and bathing.

Phil said: “He struggles, but he’s not one to lay at home. He’s frustrated but he won’t let anything stop him, though he has lost a lot of confidence.”

His recovery will take between 12 and 18 months, meaning the couple have had to delay their wedding, which was scheduled for this year. Radek will be unfit for work for the duration, so the couple set up a a GoFundMe site asking for help to cover medical expenses and household bills.

Having raised almost £3,000 in 10 days, they are now focused on raising money for a charity called VHL UK, that is pushing for research into a cure.

Phil said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our plea. Rad is loved by so many, and people have been so generous to us from across Lancashire. What I’ve put on social media about it has gone viral and we’ve had donations from as far away as New York, Australia and Norway. But we’ve got enough now and we want to help this charity which gets no recognition because the condition is so rare.”

Radek said: “The sooner there is a cure found for this syndrome the better it will be for everyone. I am also starting to campaign to have mothers tested when they visit the hospital for blood tests. Its a blood test that can determine this disease. The sooner it is found, the sooner treatment can begin for those who it affects, not just surgeries and chemo/radio therapies but counselling too as this disease is very real.”

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