Heather fights to beat return of cancer cells

Fighting spirit: Heather Parkinson is determined to beat the cancer that has returned
Fighting spirit: Heather Parkinson is determined to beat the cancer that has returned
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Courageous Heather Parkinson has been given a glimmer of hope after the return of her cancer.

The Evening Post recently revealed how Heather, 29, of Queensway, Leyland, was given a devastating blow after a scan revealed her cancer was back after seven months in remission.

Heather had undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy and a stem cell transplant from her sister Shelley in her battle to beat the disease.

After it emerged that the cancer had returned, doctors gave Heather a lymphocytes infusion from her sister’s donor cells, but this failed to work in tackling the disease.

Heather faced having radiotherapy even though it could damage her organs - but now specialists have delayed giving her radiotherapy as there are signs the stem cells may be starting to work.

Heather said: “I have started getting side effects which are a good sign as it means the cells may have started working.

“The side effects I am getting are little lumps inside my mouth and dry skin.

“At the moment, I am having a reaction called Graft-versus-host disease.

“This is my body fighting against Shelley’s cells and I need Shelley’s cells to be stronger and win the battle.”

Heather was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 19 when she began suffering from a cough that would not go.

After chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Heather went into remission, but two years later the cancer returned and this time, chemotherapy failed to tackle it.

Heather needed a trial cancer treatment, but primary care trust NHS Central Lancashire refused to fund it.

Luckily, kindhearted LEP readers came to Heather’s rescue and donated the £16,000 to fund the treatment as a private patient.