Heath centre Jets in new TV trainer

Diane Youdale: JetDiane Youdale: Jet
Diane Youdale: Jet
FORMER Gladiators star Jet is ready to help people get back into shape at a Lancashire health and wellbeing suite.

The TV star, whose real name is Diane Youdale, has joined The Centre for Whole Health, in Eccleston, as its psychotherapist and lifestyle coach.

She will be providing talk therapy to clients for two or three days a week until spring.

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Diane became a household name in the 1990s as Jet in the ITV show Gladiators, where contestants were pitted against superfit pros known as the Gladiators to take part in a series of physical challenges.

Diane YoudaleDiane Youdale
Diane Youdale

She left in 1996 and qualified as a psychotherapist and has developed a Core Philosophy Seminar and Programme as a way of helping people think about their minds and bodies and improving their wellbeing through exercise and food.

Diane said: “The centre was looking for internships and as Gavin was aware of what I do, he thought there was a natural synergy. Sometimes emotional and mental wellbeing is put on the back burner but are times when people need someone to talk to.

“I will be seeing where talking therapy fits in with all-round health and mental wellbeing. This really excites me as there isn’t that many places that offer that. Now I am working in the one place in the world I want to under this system. I am absolutely thrilled to be here and see how I can develop my work with the boutique person-centred model at the centre.”

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The Centre for Whole Health is an integrated suite which combines various treatments and coaching methodology, offering tailor-made and in-depth health, wellbeing, rehabilitation and exercise programmes.

Gavin Jennings, who owns The Centre for Whole Health, in EcclestonGavin Jennings, who owns The Centre for Whole Health, in Eccleston
Gavin Jennings, who owns The Centre for Whole Health, in Eccleston

Owner Gavin Jennings said: “Diane knows about the centre through our sister company, Chek Europe, which trains physiotherapists and personal trainers and she wanted to join us. It is fantastic that she is on board. What she does as a psychologist and coach works well with what we do at the centre but there has been a missing element which Diane can fill.

“We take clients through an entire health journey as we thoroughly assess every single person, analysing anything that affects wellbeing including diet, lifestyle, and stress.”

The centre, in Lawrence Lane, is holding a health day on Saturday November 12, from 9.30am until 5.15pm.

Diane will be giving presentations on her work and what the centre does to enhance health and wellbeing.

To register call 01257 367080 or visit www.facebook.com/thecentreforwholehealth.

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