Heartbreak as Lassie mowed down in snow

Heartbroken: Bobbie, Louise, Cody and Leanna with Lassie, who is being put down
Heartbroken: Bobbie, Louise, Cody and Leanna with Lassie, who is being put down
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A family has been left heartbroken after their beloved husky was left fighting for her life when she was knocked down playing in the snow.

The Jackson family said a tragic farewell to their beloved family pet Lassie after she was hit by a car outside their home in Station Road, Bamber Bridge.

The family says they do not know how Lassie, 13 months, escaped from the garden, but were devastated to discover her injuries were life threatening and she would have to be put down.

Mum Alison, 38, said: “The girls had let her out in the back garden before school but somebody must have opened the gate or been in the garden.

“We never let her out of the garden or in the main road but somehow she got out and ran in the road.

She had gone to play in the snow.”

Alison says Lassie belonged to her youngest daughter Bobbie, 12, but was much loved by all her daughters, Lianna, 17, Louise, 16 and Cody, 14.

She said: “Louise ran out to get to the dog. It was icy and she went flying. She has pulled muscles and grazed her legs.

“The path was icy and she was in a rush.”

Lancashire Police confirmed they received a call from a motorist informing them he had collided with a dog in Station Road and had seen the animal walk away towards a nearby house.

After reviewing CCTV taken from a nearby garage there will be no further action taken against the driver.

Alison said: “We have had her since she was a puppy.

“She has got swelling to her brain, a broken pelvis and a broken back. The driver just went.”

Alison said: “My daughters are totally devastated and we are upset the driver did not come to apologise.”