Study reveals 20,000 people have dementia

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THERE are 19,782 people living with dementia in Lancashire, according to new figures released by Alzheimer’s Society.

And in North West a total of 89,783 people have dementia. The charity is now urging government to end the divide between health and social care which disadvantages people with dementia and to commit to a successor to the Prime Minister’s Challenge on dementia which is due to end next May.

Deborah Parker, operations manager for Alzheimer’s Society in Lancashire, said: “With almost 20,000 people living with dementia in Lancashire and many more friends and family affected by the condition, it is vital the government takes action.

“We know that parts of Lancashire are leading the way as some of the best performing areas for support after diagnosis. However, despite good progress, the research highlights the huge financial and human impact dementia is having.”