Stroke nurse to face hearing into misconduct

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A stroke unit nurse is facing a disciplinary hearing over multiple charges of dishonesty and misconduct.

Irene Rose, who was a staff nurse on Ward 21 at the Royal Preston Hospital, is accused of incorrectly recording six blood glucose readings during two different shifts.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) were informed of concerns about her practice by hospital bosses, and began an investigation.

Ms Rose has now been called to attend a two-day hearing in London on July 30 and August 1.

The charges against her are that on January 6, 2012, she:

- Incorrectly recorded a blood glucose reading in the monitoring book and the insulin prescription chart for either Patient A or Patient G.

- Incorrectly recorded a blood glucose reading of in Patient H’s nursing kardex.

During a night shift on January 9 and 10, 2012, she is accused of:

- Two counts of incorrectly recording a blood glucose reading in Patient A’s monitoring book, insulin prescription chart and kardex.

- Two counts of incorrectly recording a blood glucose reading in Patient B’s insulin prescription chart, blood glucose monitoring form and kardex.

The NMC allege the actions were dishonest, and state her fitness to practise is impaired by reason of her misconduct.

Karen Swindley of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We initiated internal disciplinary proceedings when concerns were raised about Irene Rose’s practice.

“Irene Rose left our employment before the disciplinary process had concluded, however we referred the case to the NMC.

“We have a range of checks and balances to make sure our staff are competent and fit to practice and take prompt and appropriate action if any concerns arise.”

The NMC conduct and competence committee, will consider whether evidence against Ms Rose can be proved. If it is, they will have to decide if she is impaired to practice, and if so, a range of sanctions are available to them, including being struck off the medical register.