Rosanna Ogden defying the odds

Rosanna Ogden as a little mermaid
Rosanna Ogden as a little mermaid
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An inspirational four-year-old is continuing to defy the odds and has been tipped for major things in the pool after claiming another swimming accolade.

Brave Rosanna Ogden, known as the little mermaid, last week swam 16 lengths of a 25 metre pool to claim her 400m badge which has led to her coach tipping her for huge things in the water as she gets older.

Rosanna, of Adlington, Chorley, was found to have tumour in her heart when she was just six weeks old.

The youngster went underwent emergency open heart surgery which took eight hours to remove the tumour.

Doctors suggested swimming would help Rosanna in her recovery and the remainder of the tumour would shrink as she grew bigger.

After achieving her latest accolade, coach Ben Hamlett feels Rosanna could go far in the water.

He said: “She is exceptional for her age and she definitely has the ability to go to a high level.

“Over the last three years she has just got better and better, but it was the last six months where she has really impressed.”

Mother Sanam is delighted with the progess that Rosanna is making. She said: “After everything that she hasbeen through we are just happy that our baby is alive.

“But it really is unbelievable what is happening she has done so well in achieving her 400m badge.

“It’s amazing how she has taken to the water, she loves diving under water and spending plenty of time in the pool.

“She really is a little mermaid.”

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