Plan to enhance open spaces in South Ribble

Green spaces in South Ribble could be better linked in future
Green spaces in South Ribble could be better linked in future
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A public consultation is set to be launched later this month on the first phase of a plan to create a network of so-called “green links” in South Ribble.

An area centred on Shruggs Wood and West Paddock in Leyland could be the first site in the borough to be redesigned - with a view to improving and better connecting parks and open spaces. Under the proposal, residents would also be encouraged to use sustainable forms of transport, such as walking or cycling.

A series of drop-in sessions are planned during the first part of the six-week public consultation, if approval is given by South Ribble Council’s planning committee next week.

It is intended that other parts of the district could eventually be rethought along similar lines, as part of a wider investment in health and wellbeing. Further consultation processes would be undertaken in any areas where changes were proposed.

South Ribble first developed the concept of a "health campus" strategy for the borough just over a year ago.

Any work in the first phase area would require the green light from the council’s cabinet to fund it, but could include a woodland management programme for Shruggs Wood. That could see replacement planting, new paths, lighting and perimeter fencing and work being done to trees and ponds.

Meanwhile, a separate consultation is also due to begin over the future of an area close to South Ribble Council’s headquarters on land known as The Warren, off Broadfield Drive.

Papers to be presented to the planning committee next week reveal that the location has been identified as being of “particular interest” because of its proximity to the Civic Centre.

A long-term plan for the building includes the increased use of business and conference centre space. “The Warren could assist in the delivery and success of these projects,” the report notes.

Possible uses for the site - which is currently occupied by a former funeral home - include residential, offices, leisure and retail.