Nurse suspended over series of failings

Minerva Health Centre in Deepdale
Minerva Health Centre in Deepdale
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A nurse has had her registration suspended for 12 months following a series of failings.

Pramitha D’Souza, who worked at Lancashire Care Trust’s Minerva Health Centre in Deepdale, Preston, was given the suspension order following a Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing in London.

The hearing heard about a series of incidents which showed she failed to demonstrate the standards of knowledge, skill and judgement required to practise without supervision.

These include using a soiled swab to wipe an injection site, failing to report a patient’s blood pressure was below normal limits and administering an injection without a prescription.

The nurse admitted 11 of the charges prior to the hearing, a further charge of not achieving competency in the clinic nurse role was proven. Two further charges relating to injections were not proved.

The panel heard Ms D’Souza, from Fulwood, had undertaken a skills and competency development framework programme from June 2012 to December the same year and did not achieve competency in any of the areas.

Ms D’Souza admitted that her fitness to practise is currently impaired.

The hearing heard the competency framework programme was to assess development areas rather than provide knowledge not already held.

Today Ms D’Souza said she accepted the ruling and added: “I just want to move on.” A report from the hearing stated: “The panel considered the charges as a whole, and noted that your failings were wide-ranging and related to fundamental and basic nursing skills.

“The areas in which you were deficient in your practice included: intravenous infusion, infection control, the administration of medication and communication skills. The failings took place over a significant period of time, and many of the specific failings were repeated during that time. The panel noted you accept that you are currently not fit to practise independently as a nurse.”

It concluded: “The panel considered that you have demonstrated some insight, in that you made admissions in these proceedings, and that you recognised your failings whilst at the Trust. However, the panel had regard to the fact that you repeated many of your failings, despite these failings being raised as concerns, and despite the implementation of support and supervision structures.”

The panel was told Ms D’Souza was of previous good character.

Emma Foster, network director for the adult community network at Lancashire Care, said: “This was an unusual and isolated set of circumstances that were addressed as a matter of urgency as soon as an issue was identified.

“A full and thorough investigation was undertaken in 2011 and the appropriate action was taken. By mutual agreement the employee is now undertaking a different role in the Trust. The safety of our service users and the provision of high quality care is of utmost importance.”

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