New theatres at Royal Preston Hospital ahead of regional service launch

Team: The theatres and the vascular team with chief executive Karen Partington
Team: The theatres and the vascular team with chief executive Karen Partington
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TWO new theatres for vascular procedures have been unveiled at the Royal Preston Hospital.

The hospital was named a specialist regional vascular centre in 2013 and currently provides all specialist vascular elective and emergency surgery for patients in central Lancashire.

The new specialist regional service is being set up on a phased basis, and all vascular elective and emergency surgery for four trusts will be provided at the centre by March next year.

The two new theatres include specialist x-ray equipment and will enable complex vascular treatments by surgeons and interventional radiologists to be undertaken.

In the past, patients with vascular conditions always needed conventional open surgery.

Now many vascular conditions are best managed by a combination of conventional open surgery and interventional radiology.

George Thomson, consultant vascular surgeon and clinical lead in vascular surgery said: “It’s really exciting for us to be named as a specialist regional vascular centre. We have been working really hard over the last few years to set up this service and we are delighted to have our new theatres up and running. This new specialist centre will make a real difference to the lives of people who are living with vascular conditions and we are committed to providing the highest possible standard of care.”

Vascular conditions affect the arteries and veins that carry blood throughout the body, and include varicose veins, diabetes-related complications, leg ulcers, circulation problems, strokes and aortic aneurysms.

The centre also features a specialist vascular ward, a vascular laboratory and specialist rehabilitation facilities.