MP backs asthma inhaler school rules

Support: Rosie Cooper
Support: Rosie Cooper
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Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper welcomed the recent change in the law that will allow schools to keep spare emergency inhalers in the event of potentially life-threatening asthma attacks.

From Wednesday October 1 schools across the country will be required to make arrangements for the support of pupils with long-term conditions like asthma.

Previously, the law prevented schools keeping spare emergency inhalers, whilst the Royal National Lifeboat Association and armed forces were exempt from this law.

Now that the law has changed, Rosie Cooper is urging all local West Lancashire schools to respond promptly and take the appropriate steps for the benefit of young people with asthma.

Rosie Cooper MP for West Lancashire said she is “delighted” about the change and said it is something she has supported.

She said: “I am delighted with this long-overdue law change.

“Local schools are now in a much better position to support their pupils who have asthma.

“Asthma can strike at any time; it is absolutely vital that schools have access to emergency inhalers in case pupils misplace or cannot reach their own.

“I have continually supported the long-fought campaign of organisations like Asthma UK to achieve this.”

Rosie continued: “I would now urge all West Lancashire schools to respond to the legislation promptly and ensure they have spare inhalers ready from October onwards.”