Huge boost for life saving equipment

Representatives from Preston Muslim Society hand over the cheque
Representatives from Preston Muslim Society hand over the cheque
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Youngsters from Preston’s Muslim community donated their pocket money to help raise money for lifesaving lung cancer equipment for the Royal Preston Hospital.

Preston’s Asian community united their efforts to organise a collection to help the Rosemere Cancer Foundation raise funds for the technology.

In just over six weeks, using eight city mosques raised £38,340.86 which included £5,000 donated by youngsters alone.

Preston Muslim Society has now handed over the massive cash boost to Rosemere who are using it as the final instalment in a £100,000 bill for the very latest technology in lung cancer diagnosis.

Lung cancer claims the lives of almost 35,500 people in Britain every year, which is more than breast cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer and leukaemia put together.

It is the UK’s second most commonly diagnosed cancer after breast cancer but the biggest cancer killer.

Royal Preston Hospital is the first hospital in the country to take delivery of the most advanced diagnostic equipment that combines ultrasound and endoscopy technologies.

It allows doctors to spot the disease in its earliest stages - early enough to potentially cure it.

The came to Preston due to the efforts of consultant chest physician Dr Mohammed Munavvar who is regarded as one of the country’s leading experts in the technology,

He was invited to Japan last summer to work with the equipment’s manufacturers, Olympus to help fine tune its design.

As a thank you for his work, Dr Munavvar was given the kit first initially on loan and he asked Rosemere to fund it.

Preston Muslim Society appealed for families to make donations to help buy the equipment outright for Royal Preston Hospital.

Iqbal Adam, Preston Muslim Society spokesman, said: “It is our great pleasure to play a part in keeping this important piece of life-saving equipment in Preston.

“As a community, we feel it is our duty to help the hospital and we extend our thanks to the trust and Rosemere for their ongoing care.”