Health chief urges the elderly to stay active

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Latest health news
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A Lancashire health chief has urged elderly people to keep their strength up by taking extra care and staying active during the long cold months.

Jim Gardener, the county’s medical director for NHS England, warned older people can become frail quickly during the winter as a result of staying indoors for long periods of time. “By staying strong, older people can lead a healthy and more fulfilling life,” he said as NHS England launched a public awareness campaign called “The Earlier The Better.”

“We would all like to see our older relatives and friends enjoying their later years. There are a few simple things that older people can do to slow down the onset of frailty and to help those who are already frail to avoid their condition from deteriorating quickly. By eating well and moving around as much as they can, people will see a positive difference in their physical and mental well-being.”

NHS England will next week launch ‘The earlier, the better’ public awareness campaign, which is designed to encourage people to nip health problems in the bud and avoid unnecessary, stays in hospital. The campaign is particularly targeting people aged over 60 years old and the friends and family of older people.