Destroyed shop is losing hundreds

Wash out: A flooded River Ribble in June this year. Fish numbers are said to be down
Wash out: A flooded River Ribble in June this year. Fish numbers are said to be down
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A charity stands to lose up to £500 a week after a car reversed into one of their shops.

The front of The Samaritans shop on Blackpool Road, Preston, was completely destroyed last week when, a driver, believed to have been a man in his 80s, accidentally pressed the accelerator of his car and shot across the road at 30mph.

Neil Gray, Director of the Preston branch of The Samaritans said; “It was a huge shock to everyone.

“At the moment the problems we have is that we have stock that we are having to put into storage which is going to cost us.”

Alongside the shop front, carpets and stock will have to be replaced.

Mr Gray said; “The landlord has been really good; the bricks and mortar side is all taken care of.

“But it is a big job and it could well be the new year by the time we are able to open up again.

With Christmas being our busiest time, we are really going to lose much of our income.

“As the weather gets colder many of our customers come in to buy blankets and clothing and some buy Christmas presents for their children.

“What we really need is financial help to maintain the defecit that will be lost.

“If anybody has a corner of a shop or an empty premises that we can sell from that would be fantastic.”

At the time of the incident three members of staff were in the shop who are all being supported by the charity.

Mr Gray said; “It much have been a heck of a shock for the people inside the shop and we are giving them support.

The Samaritans would ask anyone who would like to help out with money to bring donations to their main centre at 11 St Wilfrid’s Street, Preston or to contact 01772 822022.

The driver of the vehicle had been dining in the Parkside Cafe on the opposite side of Blackpool Road and had pulled away from the side of the road with the car in reverse.

He was released by firefighters and taken to Royal Preston Hospital by ambulance for precautionary checks.