Chorley mum asks well-wishers to help poorly Jessica celebrate her birthday in style

Jessica Brown, ten, with parents Daniel and Jemma.
Jessica Brown, ten, with parents Daniel and Jemma.
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A mother whose daughter has a number of health difficulties is appealing to well-wishers in Chorley to send her birthday cards.

Jessica Brown turns 11 years old on Wednesday, December 20, and her mum Jemma wants people to wish her a very happy birthday.

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

“Jessica has a rare genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis which means that she has multiple aneurysms to her renal artery,” said Jemma, who is also Jessica’s full-time carer.

“She has cysts on one of her kidneys, hyper-mobile joints, ADHD and she is on three different types of medications to try and control her high blood pressure.

“Jessica loves getting post and I just want to make sure she has an amazing birthday.”

To celebrate Jessica’s birthday in style Jemma, 33, and dad Daniel, 32, are getting her a Nerf gun, a sweet claw machine and a Spiderman figure.

Jessica loves getting post and I just want to make sure she has an amazing birthday.

Along with Jessica’s brother Conner, 14, and sisters Alisha, nine and Elisha, five, Jemma and Daniel are asking people to help make Jessica’s 11th birthday one to remember.

“Last time she got 70 cards and we want to smash that number this year,” said Jemma.

However on her 10th birthday Jessica had to go into hospital for an appointment but Jemma says this year she’s making sure that does not happen.

Because of her condition Jessica has to visit Manchester Children’s Hospital regularly and she a nurse comes to see her once a week as well.

Having Neurofibromatosis means that Jessica gets tired easily and her bones ache.

She can also suffer with migraines and her family are not able to plan big days out in case they might be too busy or noisy, overwhelming Jessica.

“She doesn’t get a minute’s break,” Jemma said. “She’s got to take all this medication which she doesn’t like but she just keeps going.

“It’s horrible but she’s amazing, she takes it all on the chin.”

Jessica, who is a prefect at Highfield Primary School in Chorley, was born with no health issues. However, when she was eight she came home after school one day with a migraine. She was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, type one.

“Looking at her you wouldn’t know anything,“ said Jemma. “She loves Spiderman and football, she’s a typical tomboy, a little prankster.”

Post a birthday card to Jessica to 133 Brooke Street, Chorley, PR6 0NG.

Her family have asked people not to send presents, just cards.