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Nigel Evans
Nigel Evans
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Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has thrown his weight behind the work of the UK Sepsis Trust.

Sepsis is a time-critical condition that can lead to multi-organ failure and even death, and treating Sepsis accounts for one-third of UK Critical Care expenditure. An average Parliamentary constituency in the UK will have over 140 severe cases of sepsis and around 50 deaths each year.

Mr Evans attended a parliamentary event on the issue last week.

He said: “I was more than happy to attend the event today, and meet with representatives from the UK Sepsis Trust along with Doreen Marsden from the Lee Spark Nf Foundation, based in the Ribble Valley and a resident of Knowle Green.

“In 1999 Doreen tragically lost her son Lee through Necrosting fasciitis and has subsequently campaigned endlessly to raise awareness of the disease.

“Early treatment and diagnosis of Sepsis is cost effective, reducing hospital and expensive critical care bed days for patients, and could save thousands of lives.

“It is therefore imperative that the public are made more aware of this disease and that further effort is made by both the Government and the Health Service to identify and treat it and I am more than happy to support any campaign to that end.”