Ben’s next challenge takes him from sunset to sunrise

TOUGH RUN: Ben Ashworth on his sunset to sunrise challenge
TOUGH RUN: Ben Ashworth on his sunset to sunrise challenge
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A dad from Preston, who is living with terminal cancer, has completed yet another staggering challenge.

Ben Ashworth, who completed six marathons in six months in September, completed the gruelling Sunset to Sunrise Challenge in Telford over the weekend, running 37.6 miles in just nine hours 42 minutes.

The dad of three from Broadgate, Preston who was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer 18 months ago, said: “It was really, really, tough.

“The course itself was really muddy and it was completely dark.

“I had to wear a head torch which was really strange but running the course itself was really exciting.”

Ben, and his fellow participants of ultra marathon ran from 4pm until 7.30am.

And while some people dropped out after four hours, Ben came 10th out of the 30 runners.

He said: “It’s the longest race I’ve tackled by far.

“A year ago who’d have thought I’d be running in a monster race like this?

“Certainly not me.”

During his six marathons in six months, Ben ran the Blackpool, the Windermere, the Wakefield, the Northampton, the Isle of Man and, finally, the Berlin marathons.

And following completion of that challenge, topped it off with the Cheshire 10k.

Ben said: “I’m so lucky to be doing this.

“No matter how much it hurts you won’t hear me complaining.

“I’ve sadly lots of friends with cancer that don’t have the energy to walk down the street so I’m running for them.

“They’d so the same for me if they could.”

While his wife, Louise, has been by his side every mile, Ben said he let her off the hook for the overnight race.

He said: “Louise has been amazing but I’m trying to be a bit more self sufficient.

“I think asking her to stand in the cold until 1am is going beyond the call of duty!”

As well as pushing himself to the limit, Ben is also raising money for a number of cancer charities; the current total is an incredible £15,727.90.

Ben’s next event will be 42 mile run around the Guild Wheel.