Head-on smash worry for Longton residents

Hazards: Cars parked on a bend in Marsh Lane, Longton
Hazards: Cars parked on a bend in Marsh Lane, Longton
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Action is being demanded by motorists who claim they are being forced to drive into oncoming traffic on a bend.

Residents of Marsh Lane in Longton have approached the Parish Council for help, after growing frustrated about continuous hazards in both directions.

They say that cars parked on the road near to Longton Methodist Church and Longton Nursing Home cause traffic to cross onto the opposite side of the road on a blind bend.

One resident has requested that Lancashire County Council draw double yellow lines in the area, in order to avoid a potential head-on collision.

Parish Councillors have also raised concerns about pot holes not being repaired and speeding in the area.

Lancashire County Councillor Graham Gooch, who is also chairman of Longton Parish Council, agreed that action was needed.

He said: “It is a real problem.

“People are going to the nursing home, and because there’s limited space, they’re parking on the road for long periods of time.

“This is exacerbated in the mornings and afternoons by parents coming and going from the nursery held at the church.

“The cars are blocking the narrow road, and often it can be quite dangerous trying to get past.

“I have taken up the resident’s complaints and I’ve spoken to the local area highways team, who have said they’re going to be assessing the situation.”

Paul Dunne, Lancashire County Counci highways manager for South Ribble, said: “We have been made aware of these issues via the local county councillor and are due to carry out investigations into the parking issues.

“The potholes identified as part of our routine inspection will be repaired soon.”

Parish Councillors intend to raise concerns about speeding in the 20mph zone with police.

A recent report stated: “Speeding on Marsh Lane was considered a problem which was getting worse.

“Specific instances need to be reported to the police and perhaps also at Police and Community Together meetings so as to make the Police Authority aware of the situation.”