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Book club
Book club
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Group meetings to discuss books and share your thoughts about literary works.

Why: Bringing what can be a solitary activity into a social arena.

How it works: Members select a book to read a their leisure. They then meet to discuss their thoughts about themes, motives, likes and dislikes. Clubs are either held at libraries and community centres, or more intimate and small groups may be formed where meetings are held at people’s homes.

Benefits: Joining a book club enhances your cultural and literary knowledge as you read works you may not normally read. It allows people to explore other cultures without leaving your community. It is also a great chance to talk in depth about the novel and gain a deeper understanding. Book clubs are also a good way to meet new people with a common interest. The clubs also offer a space to break away from everyday life and delve into another world. It also enhances communication skills and allows people who are shy to talk in a smaller arena.

Give it a go at...

The Continental Book Club, Continental pub, South Meadow Lane, Preston: The second Monday of every month at 7.30pm. Free.

Harris Library, Market Street, Preston: Every other Wednesday at 1.30pm. Next one is October 25. Free

Adlington Library, Railway Road, Adlington, Chorley: First Monday of the month at 3pm until 3.30pm. Free

Chorley Library: Reading Circle: Second Monday of the month at 1.30pm; Shared Reading Group: Every two weeks - Thursday 10.30am until noon. The next one is November 2. Free.