Grubby bus shelters get a timely wash and brush up

Grot spot: Lightfoot Lane bus shelter has been branded the grubbiest in Lancashire
Grot spot: Lightfoot Lane bus shelter has been branded the grubbiest in Lancashire
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Grotty bus stops are being spruced up after a councillor complained they were bad for a city’s street cred.

A clean-up campaign has begun in Preston to tackle 250 shelters, some of which haven’t had a wash and brush up for more than 12 months.

Coun David Hammond said: “All that muck and grime doesn’t help our image when visitors come here and use public transport. The state of the windows in some of these shelters is deplorable.”

The big clean-up comes just a month after the Evening Post highlighted the grubby condition of some bus stops – two of the worst being in Coun Hammond’s Greyfriars Ward.

One, on Lightfoot Lane, Fulwood, was branded the filthiest in the whole of Lancashire. Another, in Black Bull Lane, wasn’t far behind.

Coun Hammond has since begun a fact-finding tour of the shelters in the Fulwood area and says the first 10 he visited were “not up to scratch.”

He said: “But thanks to the Evening Post it appears our shelters are finally being cleaned.”

Preston City Council’s head of engineering, Russell Rees, said the council was only able to clean shelters once a year because of cutbacks.

He told Coun Hammond: “All the shelters are currently receiving a thorough clean over an eight-week period. This will include the roof of each shelter and I’m sure you will notice a significant improvement.”

A council spokesman said: “The council is currently carrying out a concentrated clean on Preston bus shelters, which takes place on an annual basis and the public will see a significant difference. However, they won’t stay clean forever.

“Other one-off clean ups will take place following any specific complaints, for example drinks spilt on windows.”