Grandad Len, 83, shelves night shift

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Grandad-of-three Len Crook is no ordinary 83-year-old.

Far from putting his feet up, Len has spent more than 12 years stacking shelves through the night at Sainsbury’s in Bamber Bridge.

Len Crook is retiring after stacking shelves til the age of 83. at Sainsbury's Bamber Bridge

Len Crook is retiring after stacking shelves til the age of 83. at Sainsbury's Bamber Bridge

But, despite aiming to work until the age of 90, he will now be enjoying life on the other side of the counter.

Len, who lives in Lostock Hall with his wife Mary, was given a seasonal position at the Cuerden Way supermarket over Christmas in 2002, following a stint at the Royal Mail.

He said: “I was going through Sainsbury’s and it came on the speaker that they were looking for people to help over Christmas, and I stayed there 12 years.”

Len has now retired for health reasons, but said: “I loved working at Sainsbury’s. I always used to say I wanted to stay until I was 90 and if I could have done I would have.

“I do miss it, I would have stayed there forever but unfortunately I can’t do it.

“I loved it, it’s a good place to work.”

Len’s former colleagues described him as an “absolute asset” to the store.

Payroll clerk Sheila Hills said: “When most 70-year-olds are enjoying their retirement, Len was working night shifts at Sainsbury’s Bamber Bridge, putting out tea and coffee and charming the ladies.

“Over the years, managers have come and gone but Len has remained a permanent fixture.

“No matter how hard things have got, he has still been charming the ladies as well as the customers. Len is an absolute asset to Sainsbury’s, working hard with a smile at all times and putting the younger lads to shame with his efforts.

“We wish him and his family all the best for his retirement.”

Len’s former nightshift manager Matt Wolstenholme said: “While working alongside Len on the night shift, his work ethic and commitment were second to none and he always gave 100 per cent, even if he had been up all day and then worked all night. Len had to be bullied to come off four nights a week and drop down to three, and then again when moving off overnights to evening.

“I can’t say enough to describe Len’s dedication to his work and I was always pleased to have him on my shifts.”

Martin Corban, store manager, described Len as “such a character” and said: “We will certainly miss him working for us but wish him all the best and hope he has a long and happy retirement.”