Gotcha! Cameras capture cabbie littering the street

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This is the moment a taxi driver was caught on camera dumping fast food wrappers in a quiet residential street late at night.

The litter lout cabbie was captured on CCTV cleaning out the back of his car on to the roadway after a passenger had left the remains of his supper in the back seat.

CAUGHT OUT: Litter lout cab driver empties food wrappers on to the road

CAUGHT OUT: Litter lout cab driver empties food wrappers on to the road

Resident Billy Doyle filmed the shameful episode outside his home in Ashton, Preston. And now the city’s Hackney Carriage Association has stepped in to condemn the driver’s actions as “dreadful.”

“It is totally indefensible,” said Mark Selley, secretary of the PHCA. “Dumping rubbish in the street when there are bins everywhere is awful.

“If this driver can be identified from the pictures then it should be reported to the city council. Maybe they can shame him and make sure he doesn’t do it again.”

Mr Doyle, who set up cameras on his home following a vandalism attack on his car, checked the footage after finding kebab papers and scraps of food strewn across the road one morning at the junction of Elm Avenue and Cedar Avenue. “The street was a right mess so I wound the tape back to see if I could find out what had happened. At around 12.30am a cab draws up, drops a passenger off and then the driver gets out, opens the back doors and scoops the rubbish out on to the road, gets back in and drives off..

“If a passenger had left some litter in the back seat then, OK, it isn’t nice. But drop it off in a bin. There are plenty around.

“I’m sure someone will be able to recognise him. Certainly other cabbies will. I’m not after a witchhunt, but I’d like someone to have a word with him so that, hopefully, he won’t do anything like this again. We pride ourselves in keeping our street clean and tidy and then someone comes along and makes a complete mess of it. I’m disgusted.”

Mr Selley added: “People leaving litter in the back of cabs is a big bug bear with drivers. The last thing you want is for the next fare to get in and sit on all that stuff.

“But that is no defence for what this man did. Nothing can excuse this sort of behaviour and, if he can be identified, he certainly won’t get any support from the rest of the city’s taxi drivers.”

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