Good food is the way to the hearts of the city

MANAGER: Natalie Eastham of Moka Express in Guildhall Street
MANAGER: Natalie Eastham of Moka Express in Guildhall Street
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Homemade food, local products, are friendly staff are just some of the things that help eateries in Preston stand out.

As part of the Evening Post’s Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local, foodies across the city have been explaining what they think makes cafes and restaurants stand out from the rest.

Natalie Eastham, manager of Moka Express in Guildhall Street said: “It can be more personal, 
people like that you remember what they have. As years have gone on people want to support local businesses more.

“At one point it was trendy to go to big chains. People like that the owner is from Preston and they use local businesses.

“Gradually people are starting to support local businesses.”

She added: “If you go into a big chain the thing that’s good about them is you know exactly what you’re going to get.

“Part of the experience of coming is you don’t know what you’re going to get until you get it.

“They know if all came in as ingredients and was made right here. People do quite like to know what’s in their food.”

Natalie said a number of local eateries also support local suppliers. She said: “It goes full circle.

“Everything comes from Preston, there’s no supplier we use that isn’t local, some are family friends, some are people we have used for a long time.”

Natalie said she thinks the city has a good range of places to eat but it could do with more choices.

Russell Lee manager of Fusion Room in Friargate added: “We are a niche market, that’s why we do all right, we are a niche market doing fresh food, cooked and prepared on site, we pretty much make everything. It’s real food and food cooked well.”

He added: “There’s always something for everyone, it’s just letting people know what’s available in Preston.”

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