Golf club plan ‘is popular’

Bruce Ellison
Bruce Ellison
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More residents than ever want hundreds of new homes to be built on a Preston golf club – according to developers behind the plans.

Northern Trust, the company owned by county tycoon Trevor Hemmings, wants to build 550 homes on Ingol Golf Club.

The company has run a number of public consultation days to outline the plans.

And today they claimed a survey conducted by them to gauge public opinion shows a growth in support from residents, with the “majority” of those who responded now behind the scheme.

But campaigners opposed to the development claim most residents still do not want it.

The survey used four methods – a questionnaire at a stall on Preston Market, a door-to-door survey of 250 randomly selected people, a telephone survey to 500 randomly selected properties and a 17,000 leaflet drop to houses.

A statement from the firm said: “The clearest message coming from the results that there now appears to be much more support for the proposals than there was at the original consultation event last February.

“The latest survey found that the majority of respondents are now in favour of the development, with a larger proportion of residents living in close proximity to the site supporting the plans.”

A spokesman for the firm said: “We are pleased that people are starting to realise that our proposal will bring massive affordable housing and community benefits to both the local area and Preston in general.” Bruce Ellison, of the Ingol Golf Village Residents’ Association, said the survey does not reflect local opinion.

“It is definitely not the case and if they are going to use the information for the planning application, that is not public consultation.

“It should be advertised properly.

“If you are going to consult the public, consult them properly.”