Ghost hunters probe Preston lap-dancing club

Perfect 10s Gentleman's Club on Lune Street, Preston
Perfect 10s Gentleman's Club on Lune Street, Preston
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A group of ghosthunters were called to a Preston bar after spooky goings on became too much for the staff at Perfect 10s.

Manager Steph Watson called Leyland mediums Sixth Sense Ghosthunters to the Lune Street lap-dancing bar after experiencing a 
few bumps in the night as she set up for the establishment for its evening entertainment.

She said: “When you come in you have to go behind the bar to turn the lights on – it’s always given me the heebie-jeebies because it’s so dark when you’re going up the stairs.

“Even the cleaner has said that when she goes up there she rings her dad because it freaks her out. And I always ring my sister for the same reason.”

Steph says she has even experienced an eerie sighting loitering in the upstairs bar.

“Before I turned the lights on, I could feel someone behind me, so I turned around and there was a man sat in the booth opposite the ladies’ toilets. I did a double take because I couldn’t believe it. I think I went into shock,” said Steph.

“When the ghosthunters were called in, there was one guy in the group with us who said he was a sceptic, but at one point he mentioned he saw a man standing near the ladies’ toilets, so it was quite surreal.

“One of the mediums came in and went straight over to the exact spot and said he could feel a man’s presence there.”

Steph, who has worked at the bar for the past 10 years says staff have been researching into what was previously on the site of the building, but the only thing they can link the presence to is the Preston Riots.

She adds: “There was a glass collector here a few years ago who said the building was on the site of an old graveyard for the nearby church, but we don’t know how true that is.”

Things became very spooky when the group met in the bar’s dance lounge to try and contact those beyond the grave.

“We all held hands in a circle upstairs to create an energy and one of the men from Sixth Sense asked if there was anyone about and if there was to try and make us tilt,” said Steph.

“My sister, who was stood between two big doormen started to tilt to a 45 degree angle and they said they could feel her shaking,

“They also said we might feel quite emotional and when that started to happen too my sister I felt like bursting into tears while the two other men burst out laughing.

“I’ve always been quite sceptical, but when you’re in there during the day there’s a strange atmosphere.

“When I’ve felt cold air or a breeze I’ve and just put 
it down to there being a 
draft, but when we met 
up with the ghosthunters there were quite a few cold breezes that couldn’t be 

“Even a monitor that had been placed on the bar to detect movement went off when there was no one near to set it off.

“I’ve been here so long I feel like whatever spirits are here know me now, so I want to know who they are.”